Wedge OA was designed to help people who suffer from arthritis of the knee. Clinical studies show that a lateral wedge insole with ankle strapping delivers improvement in lower extremity realignment, and significantly relieves pain for patients with mild osteoarthritis of the knee.

Knee Diagram

The Wedge wrap provides anatomical correction of the femorotibial angle for patients with medial compartment knee OA.

How to Use

  1. Place the correct side of the sponge on the foot (position taller sponge edge along the outer side of the foot for bowlegs and along inner side for knock-knees). Position the support under the foot from the center to the back of the plantar.

  2. Wrap the ankle with both ends of the support belt by stretching the ends and forming a "figure-eight", securing it in the back.

  3. Adjust the plantar support so that it is positioned in line with the outer side of the foot.

Washing Instructions

Support belt:

Machine wash, gentle cycle
Do not use chlorine bleach
Hang dry
Fasten hook & loop (Velcro) together during wash


Hand wash

Material Used:

Support Belt:

Polyester 50%
Nylon 30%
Polyurethane 20%


Micro-cellular sponge rubber 100%


If you experience any discomfort during the use of this product -STOP- and consult your physician.
Blood circulation may be hindered if wrapped
to tightly.

XS 3" x 17-1/2" - 19-1/2" (8cm x 45cm - 49.5cm)
S 3" x 19-3/4" - 21-1/4" (8cm x 50cm - 54.5cm)
M 3" x 21-1/2" - 23-1/2" (8cm x 55cm - 59.5cm)
L 3" x 23-3/4" - 25-1/4" (8cm x 60cm - 64.5cm)
XL 3" x 25-1/2" - 27-1/2" (8cm x 65cm - 69.5cm)
XXL 3" x 27-3/4" - 29-1/4" (8cm x 70cm - 74.5cm)