Taketora USA is an innovative manufacturer of Flexion brand physical therapy products and CareFree brand specialty loungewear. Doctors, nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers and in-home caregivers worldwide have depended on Taketora for over 90 years.

Taketora offers “private labeling” for customers who want to extend their brand identity. Private label products are those manufactured by Taketora for offer under another your company's name. Private labeling gives you the ability to position your products as a "premium" brand to compete with existing "name" brands.

There are different kinds of private labels:

Store brands – You can put your (retailer) store name on the packaging.
Store sub-brands – Place your store name in a low-key manner on the packaging.
Umbrella branding – Select a generic name brand to put on the packaging, independent from the name of your store.
Individual brands – A name used in one category, this is only used to promote a "real" discount product line.
Exclusive brands – A name used in one category, but to promote "added value" products within the category.

There has been a significant increase in private label brands in the recent years. In the United States 25% of products sold in supermarkets are private label goods. Wal-Mart, for instance, has a 40% private label representation in their stores.

Historically, private labels were seen as low-priced, low-quality products. However, companies have started using private labels to market higher quality items, and many marketers believe high-quality private labels will increase their presence.

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